This specimen was collected near Mocoron at night while asleep in the posture displayed in this photo.  The specimen was in secondary forest approximately 2.5 to 3 meters above the ground. June 13, 2003. 8:45 pm.
Corytophanes cristatus: Forest chameleon, Viejo del Bosque (Spanish), Swain (Miskito).
This species is found sitting motionless on the sides of trees in primary and old growth secondary evergreen forest.
The two specimens pictured below were collected on June 2005 near the habitat shown (center).  The specimen on the left is a female and the darker individual is a male.  Both of these photos were taken at night and the camera flash awoke both lizards from their sleep.  The habitat photo was taken on a trail leading into the primary forest near Sula-Kiam.